What is Business Networking

Business Networking is your greatest tool in increasing sales by utilising like-minded business and sales professionals to help sell your product by word of mouth. By combining regular meetings, electronic tools and increasing strong local business relationships, you will soon see your sales grow from the benefit of being in a Business Networking Group.

Business Networking groups have been around for a long time; some are small and some are international and world renowned. Some have proven techniques that have taken years to develop and have polished them to become the perfect networking tool. Others are somewhat coffee groups and discuss business ideas and thoughts on how they can help develop business strategies.

True business networking is building strong relationships with business people in your local community. Building trust and knowledge of each other's services and products not only promotes understanding but allows effective marketing of one another's business. The sale of business emphasises the referral process as a means of strengthening the links between every business in the group. By being trained in the skills of effective business reference and by being exposed to the business practises of other professionals in your community, the marketing skills you gain rapidly outweigh any initial outset for joining the group. No other marketing methodology can compare to the efficiency and strength of relationships formed through word-of-mouth business, and as you watch your sales and business grow, you will ask yourself, "why have I never been part of this before?"

Business networking takes commitment, regular meetings, taking time to meet with fellow members at their work places and promoting your services with infomercials and presentations. The commitment is only a small part of your week and what's more, you end up spending it with friends that are in it for the same reason you are: to build business.

BNAA has taken business networking to the next level by giving you the advantage over any other Business Networking Groups by utilising the latest technologies to help stimulate the referral process.

Only one person from each profession can become a member to remove conflict and to simplify the referral process. Therefore once you are accepted into the group, no other person can join in the same profession category.

By becoming a member of BNAA you:

  • Get the ADVANTAGE over business competitors
  • Get the ADVANTAGE over other businesses not in a Business Networking Group
  • Get the ADVANTAGE over any other Business Networking Group

To find out how you can increase your sales, head to the Visitor Registration page and come along to the next group meeting.