About Business Networking Advantage Australia

Markus-medium2BNAA was designed and formed by Markus Graham, a Director for a Launceston ICT, Engineering and Surveying Company. Markus quickly saw the benefits in being part of a close knit group involved in business networking and knows how well word of mouth and the referring processes works in his own business. Well defined business networking groups take that referral business to the next level and the benefits speak for themselves. In one year Markus increased his sales by 80% and additionally built up business relationships that just can't be established through any other marketing or business relations means.

Unfortunately, the business networking group Markus was involved with was coming to an end. Attempts were made to reform with the old business networking group, but failed. During this time Markus was unfortunately going through a lengthy illness that resulted in ample rest time, but also time to think about why the world renowned business networking group he was involved in failed in his home town. Markus researched and looked at what makes a "great" business networking group and what can be removed and added to make it "amazing". By removing the "pain" involved with running a great business networking group and incorporating today's technologies, a new advantage in business networking evolved and the future of business networking is now here.

BNAA is new, but uses old and proven techniques that can increase any member's sales by creating and understanding strong business relationships with other likeminded business professionals in your community.

Markus would not have been able to make this possible if it wasn't for the time, patience and understanding from the following wonderful people. These seasoned professionals in business networking were sounding boards, information boards and were utilised for testing the processes along the way while developing BNAA. It is committed business networkers like the following people that build business communities and help keep the economy afloat.
Thank you to:
Vivienne Bartle, Michael Preece, Celine Egan, Dean Mance, Jacob Ball, Ben Nicholls, Peter Wierenga, Peter Flood, Glenda Iles, Clinton Pentland, Paul Holmes and Adam Beechey.

Change & Progress

In April 2016 Markus decided it was time to pass the baton on to Michael Preece. With a sales and business experience starting back in 1983 and almost a decade of involvement in formal business networking organisations, Michael was a logical choice to grow the organisation. To that point Michael had been instrumental in sponsoring over 30 other business professionals into business networking.

“I believe formal business networking is an essential tool in any business's marketing & sales toolbox. Born in regional Australia, BNAA has that grassroots Australian persona of camaraderie paired with modern technology to aid the busy professional gain the maximum from their networking endeavours. I am truly looking forward to growing the organisation throughout Australia over the coming years”