Rachael Downie

Rachael Downie

Rachael Downie
Rachael Downie
Business Mentor
0427 861 202
Powell Rd
Blackmans Bay
Business Mentoring

Rachael Downie is a results mentor and someone who is truly focused on converting thinking into results. Rachael Downie teaches Bob Proctor’s proven methodology to spark dramatic change in your performance and your results. These teachings are based on more than 55 years of real-world experience and tremendous success.

Rachael is passionate about helping people find what they really want out of life. For the past decade she has worked with government, teams and individuals, helping them to educate and set goals to make lasting changes, creating the results you want in business and family. Rachael's extensive experience as a coach with Beyond Success, Educator and a business owner has allowed her to facilitate real growth for individuals in their professional and personal lives .

Rachael has a diverse background in Education, Teaching and Consultancy. She has also run an agricultural operation with her husband for the past 15 years and has four children, Rachael knows what you need to create balance in your life and bring out the best in you.

Rachael is passionate about helping you find what you really want for your life, and helps you to become the best version of yourself, creating the results you want in business and family.

She loves nothing more than to see individuals and teams do things they didn’t think were possible. “I want to help people set and achieve amazing goals. To go beyond what they thought was possible for their business and their life”.
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